Planning Permission Secured in Lemington

on 23 June 2023

We are delighted to secure planning permission for a 50MW Battery Energy Storage system (BESS) in Lemington, Newcastle Upon Tyne.
The site in Lemington, Newcastle, which is currently derelict, will see distinct improvements provided as part of the scheme put forward. These improvements will provide heritage and biodiversity benefits. We have committed to significant repairs to the listed building, the Old Manager’s Cottage, on the site, which was a former Ironworks. Information boards and access to the site for Heritage Groups will also be brought forward as part of the scheme. In addition to this, biodiversity enhancements, in excess of 10%, will also be provided by way of new tree and scrub planting and grassland.
Whilst the planning permission has been issued, frustrations remain around the revised grid connection date offered by National Grid of 2036, a delay to the project of 13 years from the original connection date of 2023. National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO) has begun reassessing and remodelling the connection times for contracted low-carbon energy projects in the transmission queue, which will be implemented by March 2024. It is hoped that part of this plan will see BESS project developers, such as Cambridge Power, offered an interim option for their projects to connect to the network sooner, but this may come with a caveat that they may need to turn off more frequently when the system is under stress without initially being paid to do so.
Thanks to the consultant teams from Savills and ITPEnergised who worked with us on this application.