Renewables groups sound alarm over UK grid connection delays

on 7 February 2023

After a recent article shared in the Financial Times about ‘Renewables groups sound alarm over UK grid connection delays’, we thought it was important to talk about the issue at hand.

The issue of grid connections, or delays to them, is a real one for us at Cambridge Power. We have experienced this first-hand in the past week, where a 2023 grid connection has now been delayed by 13 years to 2036 for our 50 MW battery in Newcastle, rendering the project unviable and potentially a write-off.
This is due to the National Grid process deeming the acceptance of the project to be subject to a series of infrastructure upgrades post-2030. However, we know National Grid is remodelling batteries this year to offer no impact on the UK grid system. We are hoping this 2036 date will be significantly revised and scrapped and our original offer date retained.
If the UK wants to hit its 2035 and 2050 Net Zero goals, it needs speeding up.