Cambridge Power develops battery energy storage systems (BESS) and solar sites throughout the UK. Cambridge Power recognises the importance of effective governance, and this includes identification and management of material environmental, health & safety and social issues as outlined in this policy statement and supporting policy documents.


Cambridge Power’s purpose is to provide high quality and cost-effective zero carbon energy solutions for building developments in the UK. Cambridge Power aims to achieve this in a way that provides a positive impact on the environment and the people it interacts with directly and across the supply chain.

Compliance with all regulatory requirements is the basic foundation of Cambridge Power’s approach. Beyond this, there are a number of objectives the company has set to create a positive impact from its projects and day-to-day operations.


Cambridge Power’s overarching environmental objectives include:

  • Reducing embedded greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the construction of all projects and Net-Zero emissions from operations
  • Continuous improvement of energy efficiency
  • 100% renewable power use
  • 100% electric company owned vehicles
  • Minimal hazardous materials in products, services and operations
  • Minimum of 10% biodiversity gain on all sites 
  • Zero waste to landfill
  • Minimal water use in construction and operations
  • Climate resilient project sites
  • Locally sourced materials, recycled where possible
  • Locally sourced resources where possible


Cambridge Power’s overarching goals to support people and communities include:

  • Zero accidents and incidents in the workplace
  • Relevant ESG training for all employees
  • Wellbeing support for all employees
  • Close engagement with communities where we work to minimise negative impacts and address concerns
  • Gender and ethnicity balance at all levels of the organisations
  • Equitable pay and pensions for all employees and contractors
  • Zero child labour or forced labour in the supply chain


Cambridge Power is implementing a fully integrated environmental and health & safety management system to ensure the appropriate processes and procedures are in place to manage and monitor all aspects covered in this ESG policy. This includes a code of conduct and assessment process for all major suppliers. Key performance metrics will be reported to the board on a monthly basis to track progress and address any challenges that arise.

As part of the integrated management system, Cambridge Power will implement an employee and external stakeholder engagement process to gain input for continuous improvement of its objectives, progress and ESG management approach.


The Cambridge Power Board requires a formal annual review of ESG progress of the company to identify areas for improvement. An annual report of performance and commitments for improvements will be made available.


Cambridge Power will comply with the following ISO standards:

9001 = the International Standard for Quality Management Systems

14001 = the International Standard for Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

50001 = the International Standard for energy management systems (EMS) to help improve energy efficiency